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 “Equality in Education is Essential for Progress of Our Society”

(Date 5 March 2014)

Women have been disrespected, discriminated against regarding work, been unable to share their idea, and many things that were unacceptable in the past, yet women themselves have fought and shown to the world, how they could change these facts by getting themselves back into the society and fought for their Right's.

So MithSamlanh will always be a part of these challenges and we also celebrate the International Women Right Day with our heroine staff on 7th March 2014 in our Canteen. And we are taking this opportunity to gather all female staff and let them share their positive experiences as well as motivate them to play a main role and be stronger in our society. Happy International Women's Right Day! Best wishes from us to all women around the world.

 Acoustic Picnic

(Date 7 Feb 2014)

The Amazing Acoustic Picnic is a fund raising event of Mith Samlanh. And this year, we will also celebrate Mith Samlanh and Friends-International 20th anniversary!

There will be food, music (a lot of great artists!) and games!

Join us on Saturday 8th February 2014 from 2pm for an Amazing afternoon at the Mith Samlanh Center (House 215, Street 13) next to Friends the Restaurant!

Entrance fee: 3$ per adult, free for children under 12.

Thanks to Cellcard, Cambodia Beer, Doors Music & Tapas, The Piano shop, Coca Cola, Monument Toys, Asian Tigers and Sabay.

All the benefits will support Friends-International social programs!

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 Mith Samlanh student won a prize in the competition

(Date: 05-Dec-2013)

On 26 November 2013, Mith Samlanh student Phor Akara won a prize in the competition ‘Stories of the Mekong’ run by the EU. She took a photo of the Mekong, which showed the situation in an area of the river where Mith Samlanh outreach teams operate.

The picture she took is now very prominently displayed on Norodom Blvd outside the EU offices. This is a great opportunity for our students to show their talent without any discrimination and stigmatization about their past.

Indeed, it meets with our mission and goal “Together, Building Futures”. We aim to reintegrate our students back to families, communities and societies.

 International HIV/AIDS Day!

(Date: 03-Dec-2013)

On 29th November, 2013, Mith Samlanh recognised International HIV/AIDS day with an event under the title of “No more contagion, discrimination and death!” which was attended by a huge group of children and youth.

In addition, there was a big group of children painting and many fun games and shows related to HIV/AIDS prevention.

These were performed by our children and youth under the guidance of Mith Samlanh’s teachers. The event was informative, interesting and fun, which helped to get across some important messages!

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 Swimming Competition

(Date: 06-Nov-2013)

On 26th October, 2013 five of our students achieved wins at the swimming competition held at the National Olympic Stadium. The event looked so amazing, with many competitors and a big audience attending.

The loud cheers of supporters inspired our students to try to achieve their best! At the end of all the races, two Mith Samlanh students had got first places,one achieved a second place, and two had third places. They were awarded with gold, silver, and bronze medals and prize money of 560000riel!

 It's time to register in school!

(Date: 26-Sep-2013)

Every year Mith Samlanh reintegrates many students to public school and supports them with school materials such as uniforms, books, bags, pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers etc. On 28 September 2013, Mith Samlanh opened the ceremony of student reintegration at Club Friends.

There were a lot of students were reintegrated to the public school. Mith Samlanh also raised awareness to the parents to register their children’s names in the public school. All the parents of the students have already done it, how about you? Please bring your children to register!

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 Mith Samlanh Center hosted sports competitions

(Date: 17-Sep-2013)
On 12 September 2013, Mith Samlanh Center hosted sports competitions to encourage the students in its center to be active in sport sectors. 60 students including 45 males and 15 females joined the competitions. Games such as volleyball, football and basketball were played from 2 pm until 4 pm, managed and coordinated by Club Friends. All competitors agreed the events were fun and exciting, and winners were awarded prizes at the close of the competitions.

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 Café Mith Samlanh hosted its last day party

(Date: 30-Aug-2013)

Thank you all so much for Friday night farewell party! Closing the doors of Café Mith Samlanh hasn't been done without emotion and it has been very cheerful to share this emotion with you...

Thank you again for your support over the years, we'll definitely see again!

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 Adult sexual safety


On August 28, 2013 at 2 pm Mith Samlanh hosted a special entertainment event on the topic "Adult sexual safety" in order to improve the knowledge of young people on sexual health and reproductive health, familyplanning, and community.

The event was held at the Samakie Village, Sang kat Lakbramoy Kilometers, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh,and many youth and people joined in the event. The special entertainment program included dancing, playing games, and quizzes for prizes.

The event was a great success as many young people understood and caught the contents of the safe sex messages via answering the event quiz and having fun doing so.

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 Adult sexual safety

(Date: 22-Aug-2013)

Mith Samlanh has a great honor to inform you that it will host a special entertainment event on the topic ‘Adult sexual safety’. It will be run in order to improve the knowledge amongst young people of sexual health and reproductive health and family planning issues.

The special entertainment program includes dancing, games and quizzes. The event will be held at the Samakie Village, Sang kat Lakbramoy Kilometers, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, on August 28, 2013 at 2 pm.

 Encouraging artistic expression workshop

(Date: 13-Aug-2013)

Every day the majority of Mith Samlanh staff work directly with marginalized children and young people. The staff needs to use different techniques to transfer knowledge in an entertaining way to them.

Art is one main way to entertain and provide children and young people knowledge and skills. Knowing this potential, Mith Samlan sent its staff on a training workshop “artistic expression” with Mrs. Laura Forbes, experienced Inclusive Theatre and Music practitioner, from 12 to 14 August 2013. There are 40 staff are attending the workshops, split into two groups, one group each morning and afternoon.
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 Mith Samlanh got Bike-cycles Donation

(Date: 10-July-2013)

Larryta Trading & Travel Co., Ltd. donated four bike-cycles to Mith Samlanh students on 10 July 2013. They also taught our students how to play Karate. Our students were very enjoy! Many thanks to Larryta Trading & Travel Co., Ltd.

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 Children's Election

(Date: 27-June-2013)

Next month, we will have national election. However, today, is the election day for our students to choose the right children's representatives.

He or she will become a messenger for between the children and Mith Samlanh's management to solve the problems.The election is proceeded in a fair, accountable and trainsparent way. It was a secret ballot! More the detial about the event, please keep following our Facebook Page.

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 Reproductive Health event

(Date: 29-Jan-2013)

Mith Samlanh today hosted Reproductive Health event, “Smart Youths” supported by ACTED-PSF and other NGOs at Vealsbouv in Keansvay.

The event was designed to raise awareness among young people and the public on how to protect themselves from STDs and HIV/AIDS through using condoms, and to give information for drug users and others on how to avoid spreading blood borne disease by not sharing needles or injecting materials.The event featured free condoms, free blood test and health quizzes with prizes, to make health education fun.

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 T-Shirts given To MS Students

(Date: 14-Jan-2013)

This week MoreSport Company offered Mith Samlanh Students 500 T-Shirts. We really appreciate your help. We hope MoreSport will continue its sponsors to our students. We are here wish you all the best and get great successful!

 Creative Ideas!

(Date: 11-Jan-2013)

An exhibition of Creative Ideas of Mith Samlanh’s students is exhibiting at Club Friends today (11 January, 2013). The masterpieces of our children as well as MS center such as paintings, creative ideas of materials, Champions are on show. We are proud of the creative ideas our children and hoping they will have a good future. Participate with us to make children live with bright future!

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 MS Student Representatives are Found at Club Friends

(Date: 27-12-12)
It was about 2 o’clock on 27th December, 2012, Club Friend of MS hosted a student representative election, which was given a great opportunity for its students to express their potential and capacity as leadership. Every voter enjoyed full right to choose any candidates, who they support and love without pressure. The election process was transparency and fairness since it was a secret election, and justice. At the end, the six potential student representatives have been found based on the votes. Everyone seemed enjoy with result, for the winners had strong commitment to be a good messenger between students and MS Management Team.

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 MS received An Alloy Medal

Congratulation to MS! Today morning, MS Director has received an Alloy Medal for work achievement of saving orphan and vulnerable children in 2012 from H.E. Ith Sam Heng , Minister of Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSAVY) at MOSAVY with fully participated from NGOs and Government Institutes approximately, 250. MS will try our best to achieve our objectives to save and build up future of children. Together building future!

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 World AIDS Day

Dear Sir/Madam, On behalf of Mith Samlanh, I would coordinately invite you to join World AIDS Day Program, organized by Mith Samlanh that will be held on 26 November 2012 from 2PM – 4PM at Mith Samlanh Office. It would be much appreciated for your present and please let us know if you have any enquiry. Please kindly see the attached schedule and invitation. Best regards, More information click here

 Mith Samlanh opened second drop in center in Andong Community

(Date: 12-7-2012)
Mith Samlanh opened second drop in center in Andong Community.

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 MS training parent from Andong about How to make a small business

(Date: 10-July-2012)
'Together building futures' means Mith Samlanh not only helps children, but their families and communities also, ensuring a bright future. Parents play a vital role in a child’s development and enormously influence their future. Mith Samlanh works to empower parents and assist build their financial independence. By training families to create small businesses and assist with capital, Mith Samlanh works with and supports families until they are ready to stand independently. View more photos

 International Children’s Day at Mith Samlanh with Singapore School of the Arts

(Date: 1-June-2012)

In celebration of International Children’s Day on June 1st 2012, a team of young Singapore School of the Arts (SOTA) students and staff have spent over a week with Mith Samlanh students working on a fabulous multi-media arts project involving murals, painting and video. The atmosphere at Club Friends, the cultural heart of the Mith Samlanh center, has been absolutely electric during this time, with painting and filming going on at the same time as rehearsals for the big show that the Mith Samlanh students will perform on Children’s Day.

The Club Friends building is the cultural heart of Mith Samlanh, a place where the students freedom to express themselves is channeled through many different arts and sports. With the support of the SOTA team the Mith Samlanh students have created a mural about the center, and how much it means to them as a place of education, training, and above all fun as they make the journey back from the margins of society to become young people who have a place in the world and the skills to survive there. The centerpiece is a representation of the giant tree in the main courtyard of the center, providing shade and shelter and symbolizing the solid roots needed to nurture and grow. The video team have also recorded the students hopes and dreams, and a huge banner with handprints from students and staff celebrating Children’s Day emphasizes the importance of the message found under the logo of Friends-International – ‘Together, Building futures’.

Congratulations to all involved in this amazing project, with special thanks to the SOTA team, and to them and the children of the world, Friends-International wishes you all a very ‘Happy International Children’s Day!

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 Phnom Penh Municipality Youth Visit to Mith Samlanh

(Date: 1-May-2012)
On May 1st, 2012, Led by Mrs. TEMA Vichekal, Phhnom Penh Municipality Youth came for a visit to Mith Samlanh to learn about our work in building better futures with vulnerable children, youth and their family. The team also brings a donation of five tons of ricefrom H.E. KEP CHUKTEMA, governor of Phnom Penh to donate to Mith Samlanh. We would like to take this opportunity to thank H.E. KEP CHUTEMA, Mrs. TEMA VICHEKAL and Municipality Youth for their support to vulnerable children and youth and Mith Samlanh’s work. Currently, we are also on a lot of funding gap. Every support/donation small or big is a great support. Donate and support our cause of “Together, Building Futures” via our online donation here: Support Us

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 Our Director on South East Asia TV in Cambodia

(Date: 27-April-2012)
In the past, women were kept in house for housework, but now Cambodia is more open and women have been given more opportunities to explore and use their potential. Ms. Map Somaya, Mith Samlanh Program Director today is being interviewed by South East Asia TV in Cambodia for their one hour program on the topic of "Woman and Society." Spending her life working her way from a volunteer to a Director of a large organization staffing 250 people, working with thousands of children each year for their better futures in Cambodia, Ms. Map Somaya is a real hero and role model for Cambodian girls and women generations to come. We hope to be able to share her story through this TV program soon.

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